Sacred Offerings

Choosing to have one-to-one sessions, is a precious gift to give to yourself. By carving out time and investing money to step into this sacred space, you are making a powerful decision to connect with your soul and to consciously open to the flow of Divine support and guidance.

We all know that the answers are within. But if you're anything like me, you need help to clear the noise and access your deeper truth. You just want someone to hold sacred space.

This is the era of empowerment, embodiment, of self actualisation which is why you feel this bubbling energy within, the itch to get through the resistance and confusion. 

You're in the right place.

real results

“Delphine’s transmissions are clear and powerful. her Guidance into our journeys are life changing.

IThis work is multidimensional and the results are felt and take place in so many levels of our being. Delphine’s integrity and devotion to the path of the Divine Feminine awakening is inspiring to say the least.

- Eftychia, Space Clearing


“I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.”

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- rachel, photographer


Ways to Work Together

Intuitive Sessions

Spiritual Guidance and energy Healing for you to align with your highest self, release blockages and return to peace.

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Real life, practical yet truly divinely guided support to help you stay aligned with your highest self and heart’s desires.

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Online Courses

Online courses + workshop
to reclaim your feminine energy & empower your soul purpose.

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Intuitive session

Release blockages, and old emotional as well as traumatic energies including ancestral wounds and Divine Feminine wounds to gain clarity & align with your highest self. 

This 75-minute intuitive session is part of my signature offering which draws from two decades of inner work, training in the healing arts and engaging in spiritual practices to elevate my consciousness and be a clear channel.

This session weaves in several healing techniques and is guided by intuition. My sessions are multidimensional whereby I will facilitate your healing on the different subtle energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the self.



If you are willing to step into your power as a conscious creator and open to higher guidance


Receiving coaching support with higher guidance, get clarity at soul level, establish aligned goals, release old energies, stay accountable.


if you are ready to go for a deeper dive, to elevate your life and surrender to love

I have created this clarity package in response to current quantum shift in the evolution of consciousness happening on the earth plane. The collective is in turmoil but for those of us who are taking this tidal wave as an opportunity to free ourselves, now more than ever we need to stay deeply anchored in our authentic truth.

Many of my clients are needing real life, practical yet truly divinely guided support to help them stay aligned with their highest self and heart’s desires.


Delphine is a beautiful authentic, deeply dedicated divine feminine teacher and healer with a rich of body of knowledge.

- Giselle -

Through her channellings, her healings and her teachings, Delphine is a alchemical guide along the journey bringing you to a place of sacred embodiment.

- Aodaoin -

She enlivens the sacred in her own life, and is able to see beyond the veils into soul dimensions. Her transmissions will inspire, nourish, and mirror your essence.

- nicole -

A session with her was life changing for me. Delphine connects you to the core of your soul. The depth of her transmissions lift you up to a higher frequency.

- rachel -

Working with Delphine has truly been nothing short of life-changing. Delphine introduced me to a whole new world and has unwaveringly supported me through my journey no matter the stage.

- tamara -

Our Manifesto:

“follow your bliss
Master yourself
your emotions
create success on your terms
open to love

- Delphine Rose



I can't wait to help you level up _____. Send over your info and we'll connect on the best way to move forward.