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 You are ready to embrace the feminine and walk an embodied path to living your most beautiful life, in service to love. You know that this lifetime is for you to rise and want practical teachings  

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The Divine Feminine brings us the quintessential nurturing energy which is so needed in a world where exhaustion on all levels has become an epidemic


The Divine Feminine awakening takes us into a journey of deep body-soul and heart healing with Grace and Compassion


As we nurture ourselves back into wholeness and heal at soul level, we learn to reclaim our soul sovereignty as our birthright leading to true empowerment

An Divine Feminine course

Heal heart & womb with Magdalene Embodied 

A 6 weeks online course to awaken and activate your feminine power with Mary Magdalene as your guide. Receive powerful guidance, healing and sacred feminine practices to embody Magdalene Path of Love.

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sacred rebel

online course

A potent Divine Masculine workshop to set soul aligned intentions for the New Year and start taking empowered actions feeling resourced and confident.

We will work with several keys such as astrology insights, channelled guidance, guided inquiry, and transformational practices to get you aligned and ready to spiral into 2024 with a focused intention and an empowered soul.

goddess isis

online course

A transformative 6-week course to reclaim your goddess connection and experience sacred healing and ancient magic.

Through channeled transmissions, soul guidance and deep spiritual healing, this course offers a profound opportunity for personal transformation.

Step into this sacred space where you can unlock your inner power and receive the blessings of Goddess Isis, allowing you to reclaim ancient soul gifts, activating new aspects of the divine blue print for your life.

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Through her channellings, healings and teachings, Delphine is a alchemical guide along the soul journey bringing you to a place of sacred embodiment..”

- Aodaoin Hathaway

Within the space of the 5 weeks, I was able to free myself from some of my oldest wounds regarding my relationship to my body and to reclaim my power as a woman.

- Shanzeh

This journey with Goddess Isis has been amazingly supportive, expanding my consciousness to higher dimensions for healing & spiritual guidance.

- Aodaoin

The Goddess Isis course was a very beautiful experience helping me to receive the empowerment of Goddess Isis to have the determination & courage to overcome any challenge!

- Katie B.

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